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KRENKLER | HUPERTZ | VON WALDOW GmbH is a consulting and trading firm, run by a highly experienced team of professionals.

We work with our customers to identify and develop solutions which work best for them, helping them manage physical risk and optimise opportunities.

Due to the increase global trade, the potential for development is substantial and necessary modernization measures can no longer be postponed. Expanding the railroad network, renewing the gigantic petro-chemical complex, investments into the service sector, or the restructuring of existing industrial plants: the challenges are tremendous and the projects planned for long terms. Such projects not only offer chances for big industries, but also for SMEs like engineers and logistical companies.

We aim to create competitive advantages for our clients. We analyze the market position and determine competences as well as opportunities for a strategy for the market and, in cooperation with our partners, answer legal questions or offer solutions for expansions of ongoing operations.